Dynamic BidMaximizer Advance - Professional

Dynamic BidMaximizer Advance - Professional 3.0

Keyword and Bid Manager

Dynamic BidMaximizer Advance is a pay-per-click bid management tool designed especially for web masters who place bids on pay-per-click search engines.

This software is capable of managing your keywords and bids on almost all pay- per- click search engines. With this software you can make your own keyword list, monitor keywords, monitor URLs and bids on search engines such as Google AdWords, Overture, Kanoodle, FindWhat, Xupa, Espotting and others.

Dynamic BidMaximizer Advance is capable of helping you increase web site traffic and saving you time maintaining and monitoring keywords by having to check them manually.

The monitoring process of this software can be customized to your preferences. You can set your monitor keyword to bid once a day or every hour, you decide.

This software also maintains your position to get more traffic on your site. Dynamic BidMaximizer Advance is capable of closing bid gaps to save you money from bid costs.

This software program is a helpful tool to maintain web traffic on sites and manage keywords. This tool is low maintenance and can run on the background while you do other work to maximize efficiency.

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Dynamic BidMaximizer Advance - Professional


Dynamic BidMaximizer Advance - Professional 3.0